Portable Emissions Measurement Systems and 
Road-to-Rig Solutions

Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) and Road-to-Rig (R2R) solutions have become universal tools in the modern OEM testing lab. Ultimately, these tools will allow engineering teams to significantly reduce vehicle and engine development costs and associated time frames. In order to maximize their value, these R2R solutions must address outliers while performing faster and more efficiently. As these solutions become more robust, the focus has shifted to identifying discrepancies between traditional road-to-rig test results and certification-quality data.

The industry has identified key solution areas to close potential gaps between road-to-rig testing and full vehicle on-road verification tests.

  • Parallel testing: How and where to consolidate the left side of that ever familiar traditional V curve.
  • Software tools: How to choose the right software solutions to pull together the complex requirements of real-world driving tests as efficiently as possible both inside and outside the lab.
  • Simulation: How to maximize simulation value-add, at what point in development, and how to determine the best solutions?

HORIBA, a leading supplier of testing equipment and engineering consultancy for more than 50 years, offers a variety of solutions for both OEMs and tiered suppliers to keep pace with the current demands of real-world driving tests.

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