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Electrification Solutions
7 EV Challenges in 2020
The most optimistic projections suggest initial EV cost parity with conventional vehicles starting as early as 2025 for short-range vehicles, yet in order for any of this to happen batteries have some hard issues to address. Learn more.
Battery Testing
As OEMs continue to expand their electrified fleet to meet impending global GHG (green house gas) regulations, and battery OEMS race in turn to satisfy industry demands, the need for lithium-ion batteries has grown exponentially. Learn more.
With a complex array of hybrid and electric vehicle technologies and an expanding web of upcoming regulations, manufacturers and developers struggle to keep up with needed changes. Learn more.
3 Technologies Changing the Game for Electric Commercial Vehicle Developers
Following the passenger car market, new emerging regulations are driving electrification initiatives in the commercial vehicle space. Learn More.
Life Cycle Management Solutions
Life Cycle Management
Our team of experts provide a variety of services to keep your test facility up to date and well maintained, giving Lab Managers confidence in his equipment and allowing him time to focus on other demands. Learn more.
Emissions Testing Solutions
Portable Emissions Measurement Systems and Road-to-Rig Solutions
PEMS (Portable emissions measurement systems) and R2R (road-to-rig) solutions have become universal tools in the modern OEM testing lab. Learn more.
Brake Testing Solutions
A Full Range of HORIBA Brake Testing Solutions
As the latest generation of inertia brake dynamometers, The GIANT Evo Family ensures reliable measurements and extremely low test result variability. Learn more.
Coffee Brake Podcast With Brian Hagman and Guest Joel Danzer of HORIBA
HORIBA is a global leader in the manufacturing of automotive emission measurement as well as a variety of other testing equipment for the automotive and non-automotive industries. Brian Hagman chats with Joel Danzer to discuss the topic of brake emissions and testing. Learn more.
Lab Automation
3 Key Challenges of Cell-to-Cell Correlation Across Multiple Test Facilities
Today's vehicle test lab is more complex than ever. At the same time, the demand for quality data, produced as quickly as possible continues to grow. Learn more.