HORIBA EV Solutions

Electric vehicle (EV) purchases in the U.S. increased by 81% in 2018, even as overall new car sales flattened. Automotive OEMs, tiered suppliers, and regulators are struggling to adapt their already overburdened test facilities to accommodate new EV-related technologies and changing regulations. Read the articles below to learn more about how HORIBA helps users navigate the EV wave, and prepare for its long term implications.


How HORIBA technologies work together to front-load the vehicle development process

HORIBA helps the automotive industry meet electrification challenges with fuel cell and battery testing solutions, and decades of expertise. Download an overview of HORIBA's fuel cell and battery capabilities.


Powering the Future of Mobility - Fuel Cell Powertrain Solutions

HORIBA is enabling a cleaner future with the next generation of zero emission vehicles.

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Driving Out Range Anxiety

HORIBA MIRA created a top-down vehicle simulation to support a Tier 1 supplier in component selection and thermal optimization. Download our EV efficiency white paper.


7 EV Challenges in 2020

The most optimistic projections suggest initial EV cost parity with conventional vehicles starting as early as 2025 for short-range vehicles, yet in order for any of this to happen batteries have some hard issues to address. Learn more about the 7 EV Challenges in 2020.


Trends in Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

To meet the needs of the evolving electrified vehicle, batteries have become larger, more powerful, and far more complex. New battery platforms, new technologies, and increased test complexity have changed the industry for OEMs, tiered suppliers, and battery manufacturers. Learn more about current trends in lithium-ion battery testing.


Electrifying Commercial Vehicles: Challenges for 2027 and Beyond

The passenger vehicle market is not the only industry segment making strides in EV, as emerging regulations drive electrification initiatives in the commercial vehicle (CV) space. Learn more about the future of electrified CVs, 2027 and beyond.


How HORIBA Helps Vehicle Manufacturers and Developers Electrify and Meet Regulations

Impending global and regional regulations, and expanding industry standards, have forced the entire industry to incorporate EV technologies into their ever-expanding fleets. Learn more about how HORIBA can help you meet current and future regulations.


The Last Mile - End-of-Line Test for Batteries

The quality assurance phase of battery production has changed. Global politics, rapidly changing battery pack designs, and new battery testing requirements have made end-of-line testing increasingly expensive—and more and more essential as battery production levels rise. Learn more about HORIBA solutions for end-of-line battery testing.


Solutions for E-Mobility Powertrain and Vehicle Testing: Titan ePowertrain

The HORIBA TITAN ePowertrain is an extension of the modular based TITAN Powertrain series specifically designed for testing electrified powertrains including: BEVs, HEVs, and driveline components for Light duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty on-road and off-road vehicle applications. Download our TITAN ePowertrain brochure.