HORIBA Brake Testing Solutions

Choose from four specialized test systems, each driven by a powerful core module. GIANT Evos feature a modular, robust, and extremely intuitive design. All systems are plug-and-play and come equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and user-friendly, compatible software. As the latest generation of inertia brake dynamometers, The GIANT Evo Family ensures reliable measurements and extremely low test result variability.

A Full Range of Brake Testing Solution

GIANT Evo Brake Testing, STARS Brake Test Automation, and Brake Dust Testing solutions for applications from motorcycles to trains. Learn more.


Trends in Brake Testing, and What to Expect From Possible Brake Dust Emissions Regulations

Brake manufacturers and engineers are up against significant challenges as the industry adapts to the EV wave, new environmental concerns, and a redefinition of mobility in general. How will brakes be integrated into vehicle electrification strategies and how will new technologies like hybrid systems, advanced driver assist (ADAS), and autonomous early braking (AEB) impact requirements? Learn more.


Why airborne brake dust particulate matters

When inhaled, the nanoparticles (less than 2.5 um) in the airborne portion of vehicle brake dust is suspected to have a negative impact on human health. Paired with more vehicles on the road, more vehicle miles traveled, and population density concerns (particularly in urban areas) — regulatory bodies have taken notice. Learn more.